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Are you an advanced reader growing superior reading skills?Books

If you are an advanced reader working on growing your skills, sign up for this free, 30-day eCourse designed to walk you through effective strategies you can use to read high level material.

You will receive 8 step-by-step lessons over the course of 30 days. Each lesson takes between 5-20 minutes to complete.

This course is for you if the following statements apply to you most of the time:

● I understand texts that consist of direct, factual language. I understand news events, physical descriptions and directions, and simple technical material (an owner’s manual).

● I can find the main idea and supporting details of organized texts about places, people, and events that I am familiar with.

● I understand simple typed correspondence, such as descriptions of events, feelings, and personal wishes and plans on topics I’m familiar with.

● I can usually understand the main ideas of authentic prose (books or extended discourse) on topics I have background knowledge about, either because they relate to my work experience or are topics I am interested in personally.

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