10 Reasons You Need To Learn Another Language

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1. Job opportunities. The fact is that we’re living in a globalized world. If you expect to make it big, it’ll be much easier to do if you can sell (1) your merchandise, or (2) yourself both at home and around the world. Politics? You bet! Law? Yup. Science? Yup again.

2. Culture. Learning a language isn’t just about vocabulary. Language is the vehicle of culture, of who we are. When you master another language, you become more cultured, more educated in understanding how people work.

3. Dinner parties. Learning another language involves fun, amazing, scary, and unbelievable experiences. This means you’ll have great stories at dinner parties. People will love hearing about your experiences. You’ll be interesting.

4. Friends. Knowing another language means you get to make new friends – platonic or romantic. Being able to communicate means more fun people to hang out with!

5. Better memory. Language learning is like boot camp for your brain. When you feel tired after studying for an hour, it’s because you’ve given the old noodle a workout. This is great for keeping your brain young and in-shape.

6. Problem solving. People who know more than one language are actually better at creative problem solving that monolinguals. This is because bilinguals conceptualize the world in more than one way. Great news for all of you who hope to be entrepreneurs and engineers!

7. Respect. Well, this is true at least in the US where most of us are monolingual. When you say that you speak Spanish, Japanese, or Russian, you instantly gain respect.

8. Global citizen. It’s easy to get wrapped up in yourself, your job, and your immediate needs and wants. When you know another language, you inevitably think about others in another part of the world. This links you to your fellow man and, let’s face it, we’re on this planet together so thinking of others is a good thing.

9. Haggling. Whenever you travel abroad, you’re often left wondering if you’re getting taken. Knowing the language as well as the culture allows you to even the playing field for everything, from souvenirs, to taxi rides, to bribing the local officials.

10. Fun. Yes, language learning can be challenging, but it’s also fun! You get to play with language learning programs, role play, make funny sounds, and learn to write funny alphabets. What a hoot!

What language are you learning and why?

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