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What are language learning strategies? They are actions you take to help you learn your language better and faster. They help you organize your studies and achieve your goals. Language learning strategies are how you behave and the choices you make to meet new challenges, new situations, and even new people!

Research tells us that strategies:
What's your strategy?
1. Include study skills: These are actual ways you go about studying, like organizing your notes.
2. Include your emotions and feelings: Maybe you imagine yourself succeeding on your next oral exam!
3. Include other people: How do you choose a study partner? Do you connect with a certain teacher?

Each learner is unique and will use different strategies depending on goals, personality, learning context (class, private tutor, immersion), language level, beliefs about learning, and motivation.

Strategic L2 invites you to explore and expand your understanding of how language learning strategies work to improve your learning now!

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