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Looking for free resources to help you learn another language? Here are some great FREE options I’ve developed for learners.

Compass-ImageCompass Language Learning eCourse. Are you a new language learner?

Sign up for this free eCourse now, a 7-part series designed for beginning language learners. Delivered over 1 month, you will learn how to assess your preferred learning styles, understand your language teacher, work with a speaking partner, find learning resources, and develop a weekly action plan.

High Level Reading: 30 Day eCourse.
Are you an advanced reader working on growing your skills?

Sign up for this free eCourse designed to walk you through effective strategies you can use to read high level material. Discover strategies for effective previewing and skimming. Learn how to focus your attention on critical parts of text. Apply strategies for working through complex grammar structures. Transfer these skills to your own writing to develop native-like language.

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