Adjusting Audio Speed

Monday, April 14th, 2014

If you’re struggling to keep up with the speaker’s rate of speech, you can always adjust the tempo, or speed, of the audio file. You can accomplish this using the different tech tools below. …Continue Reading


Thursday, April 10th, 2014

I snagged this photo from a recent teacher training. The word labels describe HOTS – or higher-order thinking skills – and LOTS – lower-order thinking skills. …Continue Reading

Language Learning Challenge Bust?

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

The Guardian did this article back in February 2014 discussing the different language learning apps and online products which are enjoying brisk business these days. The article closes with a challenge – whether or not a person can learn a language ‘successfully’ online.

I take issue with the rather subjective measurement of ‘successful’, …Continue Reading

March Strat Chat Goes Out Today!

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Screenshot 2014-03-25 at 6.40.26 PM

This issue covers stress and anxiety – along with strategies to boost your self-confidence.

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Glossing Lesson Example: High-level English

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Glossing can be a powerful tool for language learners. You’ve probably seen a gloss at some point in your studies, a list of words written down that you’re about to hear or read in a given lesson.

Here’s a sample English lesson that I threw together for one of my high-level learners. Native speakers will enjoy this too! …Continue Reading