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Intensive English Program at University of Illinois

Are you an English learner? Join us this summer at the University of Illinois for an intensive, academic English program! Read More on Intensive Language Programs Intensive Language Learning Programs and Learning Styles Intensive Language Course Pre-program Checklist What Is…
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How We Forget Languages


The other day a language learner asked about forgetting a language he’d already learned. How does forgetting work? What could he do to prevent this?

Using Dialang to Assess Language Skills


What’s a diagnostic? It’s a test that tells you (or a teacher – or even an employer) what you can and cannot do. For language learners, this means what you can and cannot do in your second language.

MUST KNOW: Essential language before traveling abroad?

Speech bubble

Based on a true story: You will be traveling abroad in the next few months. You have that nifty little phrase book or app you’ve purchased. What language do you really need to know?